Values and Vision

We are happy to have a simple, yet concrete set of values and vision.


We build software that makes this world a better place.


Quality: We emphasize quality in what we do and how we do.

Efficiency: We believe in constant learning and displaying this continuously.

Innovation: Do IT better.

Our Story

Our primary focus is on applying Machine Learning techniques to challenging problems, to find innovative solutions. This started with research in Machine Learning techniques, in 1994.

Our exposure to ensuring Quality in Software development and testing has produced another focus of “Software Testing”, offered as a service. We also use best practices from Product Lifecycle Management.

Today we work with latest technology and confront challenging problems; approached with a positive attitude.

Our Approaches

Our motive is to Add Value to our customers.

  • We work with other software companies to aid their Digitalization and Automation of client activities, resulting in an increase in efficiency and discovery of new possibilities. We first understand their end customer requirements and difficulties in the Automation process, through discussions. We design and create AI ML solutions and modules that can be plugged into and seamlessly integrated with the complete software solution.
  •  We also Consult, Explore, Design, Develop and Implement AI ML solutions for end user clients. Here we study the ongoing process and suggest ways and means to improve processes and outcomes. We work with the people of the organization to get the overall picture, needs and the nuances of the requirements. Our solutions reduce errors, quicken processes, provide repeatability.

Meet the Team

Arunkumar Balakrishnan

Director & Co-Founder

PhD in Machine Learning, Faculty at an Engineering institute (currently on half -sabbatical), Previously consultant with Real time software development firm

Managed international software development and software testing projects with clients in USA and Switzerland.

Eclectic, Believes people make the difference.

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence,

Enjoys teaching, Loves playing Badminton,


Sapna PG

Director and Co-Founder

Ph.D. in Software Testing.

Multi-faceted, Scientific,

Artistic, Nature lover,

Amicable and a stickler for perfection

Ensures that every piece is tested thoroughly in the most efficient manner.


Manasi Arora

Software Architect

Fifteen years of experience in Software development, Designing, Architecture.

Understands requirements perfectly,

Designs simple solutions and

Ensures clean implementation

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