We build software using latest technology and smart people. Our team has prior experience in managing international projects with clients in

  • USA,
  • Switzerland.

Our machine learning software are built on PYTHON, TENSOR FLOW, DL4J, WEKA.

We use new techniques and approaches in software testing to provide efficient and quality based solutions to software verification and validation problems.

We employ Product Lifecycle Management practices in developing software applications.

Our background of research in Machine Learning and in Software testing provides the direction to evaluate options and choose the right blend.

Our current projects, associate with clients in USA and India. We have developed software applications that can:

  1. Recognize Images in documents using Deep Learning
  2. Process Natural Language using Deep Learning
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning for manufacturing (cloud based)
  4. Integrate Machine Learning strategies
  5. Model student learning behaviors.
  6. Automated software testing, including the Test Script Language and compiler,
  7. Manage software testing practices to ensure coverage with prioritization and efficient planning.

Product / Service Machine Learning

Completed Projects

  • Image Identification in Government documents
  • Natural Language Processing in Childcare reports
  • Intelligent Information retrieval in Banking
  • Cyber security using keystroke dynamics
  • Natural Language Processing of User reviews of restaurants

We have built a Natural Language Processing engine. Our engine has been used to develop the processing of user reviews of restaurants and also to process ‘narratives’ in bills of law firms.

Our ongoing projects are:

  • Natural Language Processing: Analysis of Law firm bills to identify incorrect billing
  • Predictive analytics: Identify loan defaulters, Predict usage of products, Predict machine maintenance requirements
  • Deep Learning: Label vehicle objects in videos
  • Intelligent Assistant for Medical applications

We have prior experience in building:

  • integrated machine learning system,
  • machine learning application to build models of students.

Product / Service Software Testing

  • We have built an automated software testing tool to test web based health management application. This was successfully deployed and is in use to check for any issues arising out of the continuous changes to the web application. Our application provided reports, extensive work flow coverage and ease of use.


Product / Service Enterprise Resource Planning

  • ikvaltextileERP provides a complete integrated solution for Enterprise Resource Planning of textile garment manufacturing companies. It is currently being extended with predictive analytics modules that will further provide business benefits to the user. Our cloud based application has over one hundred and fifty screens and provides customer relationship management features also.


Next Steps…

How can we associate with you? Give us a call at +91 9994431636 or drop us a mail at arun@ikval.com providing details of your requirement and we shall respond positively.