We have developed a complete Enterprise Resource Planning software for Textile Manufacturing companies. This is a cloud based application, using ASP.Net, MVC, jQuery. You can use this ERP to efficiently manage all tasks in a textile manufacturing company, right from

  1. Forecasting
  2. Projection
  3. Enquiry
  4. Costing
  5. Time and Action
  6. Sample Job order
  7. Bulk Job order
  8. CAD
  9. Yarn
  10. Woven Fabric
  11. Knit
  12. Fabric
  13. Trims
  14. Process quotation
  15. Production
  16. Production reports
  17. General Purchase
  18. Dyeing vertical
  19. Knitting vertical
  20. M.I.S reports
  21. Human Resources
  22. Logistics

You can access “ikvalTextileERP” application using the below link.

ikval ERP Demo

Please drop me a mail at arun@ikval.com, describing yourself /  your company, so that I can provide you with the user name and password. You can use the application to satisfy yourself of the features before we discuss your purchase of it.

  • We are now enhancing this with Machine Learning and RPA to create an IntelligentTextileERP.

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